Festival tracks through the Theaterformen programme

On the occasion of the Festival’s 25th anniversary, the Theaterformen programme offers about 130 events. With our Festival Tracks, we have assembled nine route recommendations to offer a jump start for the selection of the right pieces.

Recommendation 1 and 2: The Festival Marathons
If you want to see as much of Theaterformen as possible, the two marathons on both Festival weekends offer you a wide range of possibilities. On the marathon courses, you won’t miss anything of the programme on 3-5 July and 11-12 July.

Recommendation 3: After Work Festival
The evening route guides through the programme from Monday, 6 July till Friday, 10 July – with a fine selection for a theatre visit after work with live concerts afterwards.

Recommendation 4: Interactive Festival Workout
This track includes pieces with audience participation: On 5, 6 and 7 July, the audience can discover Rimini Protokoll’s parcours SITUATION ROOMS, discuss with Xavier Le Roy in LOW PIECES or learn a poem by heart with Tiago Rodrigues - and sing out loud with F.S.K. for the track’s final!

Recommendation 5: English Saturday
The name says it all: On Saturday, 11 July, the English Saturday invites the spectator to theatre productions in English - from South Africa, the United States as well as an English edition of the living room performance HOME VISIT EUROPE.

Oferta 6: Festival Hispanoamericano-Português
With productions from Argentina, Chile and Portugal, this track recommends three theatre evenings in Spanish and Portuguese: The „punks of Chilean theatre, rewrite the history of their country, Tiago Rodrigues distils Shakespeare’s classic in ANTÓNIO E CLEÓPATRA, and in Mariano Pensotti’s WHEN I GET BACK HOME I’LL BE ANOTHER ONE the stage characters falter over objects from the past.

Recommendation 7: Rediscovering Hanover
See 44 performers from Hanover in THE RECORD or enter Julian Hetzel’s container landscape STILL (THE ECONOMY OF WAITING) on the square in front of Hanover’s Opera House! On Saturday, 11 July, this track combines several pieces related to the city and its residents. The DJ Party in the Festival Centre ensures the right vibes to dance along in the late evening.

Recommendation 8: Literary Weekends
On this route, you’ll find pieces based on classic texts and literary subjects – from William Shakespeare as well as from Estonian writer Mats Traat. Additionally, the new reading corner – located in the Cumberlandsche Galerie - offers the right reading matter to start or to finish this track.

Recommendation 9: Political Festival
Can Marco Layera and Teatro La Re-sentida save democracy on stage and realise their IMAGINATION OF THE FUTURE? How can 15 strangers come to political decisions in HOME VISIT EUROPE? How does the international arms trade shape the biographies of people? These and other political questions will be part of the pieces on this Festival track.

All nine Festival Tracks including dates are presented in our new Festival Navigator, available for download here.