Dear Audience!

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we have invited theatre productions from all over the world, current pieces by old acquaintances, and since it is the first year of a new director, you can expect to discover many new things.

There is the Chilean artist, Marco Layera, who pulls all the stops to prevent Pinochet's military coup, or the Latvian director, Vladislavs Nastavševs, who together with the group NO99 revives the melancholy of the Estonian forests, orMariano Pensotti from Argentina who wonders whether we are really whom we think we are. Some of the trendsetters and clandestine revolutionaries will be presenting two productions in the programme; this will give you the opportunity to discover their artistic signature and - hopefully - double your pleasure.

This year, being a spectator presents a special challenge, and some of you will be active participants.Maybe you have friends you are performing in the slightly hallucinatory stage panorama, The Record, or guard a portrait of themselves in the container set of STILL (The Economy of Waiting), or have invited Home Visit Europe to perform in their living room. But we intend to focus on the audience in other ways as well. We want to talk, hope for accomplices, form gangs and let participation come true in a small circle.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Festival in July!

Martine Dennewald and the Theaterformen team

Photo © Katrin Ribbe

MartineDennewald 035 Foto KatrinRibbe