Festival Opening with a birthday cake

A Chilean president coaching in Hanover’s Schauspielhaus, two open air concerts with free admission, and a birthday cake – that’s the evening programme of the Theaterformen opening on 2 July.

What would have happened on 11 September 1973 if Chile’s president Salvador Allende had been saved? Marco Layera and the Teatro La Re-sentida are dealing with this question in THE IMAGINATION OF THE FUTURE, which opens the Festival Theaterformen at 7:30 pm in the Schauspielhaus. In this turbulent historical drama, the "punks of Chilean theatre" travel back in time and arrange a president coaching that could rewrite the country’s past, but also its future.

The evening continues in the Schauspielhaus courtyard, where the Festival Centre will establish for eleven days and nights as a meeting place for festival visitors, artists and guests. At 9 pm, the newcomer band Sopha from Hanover enters the open air stage and plays the first live concert of this year’s Theaterformen. At 10 pm, the "Next Big Thing" Oum Shatt from Berlin will take over on stage. The admission is free of charge!

As we are not only celebrating the Festival Opening, but also the Festival’s 25th anniversary this year, we will also serve you a sweet snack alongside with the music at that night: We will cut our birthday cake and have a piece ready for everyone during the concerts of Sopha and Oum Shatt.

Following the opening programme and until 12 July, the Festival presents 130 events on the stages of Hanover’s Staatstheater and in the city – from an interactive course through a movie set to a chamber drama in the class room, from a video dance solo to a theatre evening with 43 performers from Hanover.

Fotos: Theaterformen-Festivalzentrum im Schauspielhaus-Hof © Jürgen Brinkmann; Fantasie für morgen © La Re-sentida; Sopha © Corina Lueger; Oum Shatt © Powerline Booking