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Juha Valkeapää . Helsinki . Finland

A Raven-Hued Lecture-Performance with a Last Meal

Forms of execution drawn from all over the world, the job description of the executioner in the past and today, the diversity of instruments with which death can be inflicted: Finnish theatre maker Juha Valkeapää explores all of these issues with meticulousness, dedication and, yes, even humour. Like an open-hearted magician, he demonstrates tricks and techniques, like a researcher, he presents documents and statistics, and brings to life convicts and generations of executioners before our very eyes. Valkeapää mixes songs and jokes into the murderous facts with a light touch, and casts a personal gaze onto the death sentence and its various historical and cultural variants.

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Text . Direction . Performance Juha Valkeapää Artistic Advice Kaja Kann . Kimmo Modig . Eero Grundström Artisans Merike Lond . Sanna Bollström . Sam-Sam English Radio Voice David Mawby With Music by Bruce Springsteen . Elvis Costello . Lorne Clarke . Christoph Willibald Gluck Production Juha Valkeapää Co-Production Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival . SAMARA

Staatstheater Haus Drei

14.06. - 15.06.19:00 Uhr

AdmissionAdvance booking 18 Euro . Evening box office 20 Euro
ConcessionsAdvance booking 9 Euro . Evening box office 10 Euro
Introduction15.06. 18:30 . Foyer Haus Drei
Duration2h20 . no interval

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The Executed Stories Last Meals

São Paulo, August 2013
1 steak
2 tacos & mate

Reykjavik, August/September 2013
3 sushi
4 hamburger

Trondheim, September 2013
5 tacos
6 pizza
7 cutlet with jacket potato
8 meatballs, chocolate mousse
9 doughnut
10 popcorn & coke
11 pesto rosso

Helsinki, November 2013
12 oatmeal porridge
13 ice cream
14 fresh pineapple, whipped cream, cashew nuts, coffee, ecstasy
15 super collection (my assistant built a beautiful plate of lots of delicious and spectacular stuff)

Hamburg, December 2013
16 sausage roll & beer
17 hummus with pita bread & red wine

Frankfurt, October 2014
18 jacket potato, salad & vanilla pudding
19 cheese & bread plate

Kirkenes, February 2015
20 knäckebröd (dry rye bread), marmalade, blue cheese

Aarhus, March 2015
21 reindeer stew, mashed potatoes, cranberries

Berlin, July 2015
22 vegan herring (don’t remember what on earth that was)
23 rice balls with salt

München, November 2015
24 love and coconut water (love = heart-shaped pralines, candy, lollipop. she shared it with others = love)
25 chocolate ice cream