Festival Grant

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The newest generation of Asian, African and European theatre makers have been invited to Braunschweig to attend the festival with a questioning and critical eye, to create new visions, and to enjoy and fill the free space offered by the Festival Grant. They will be our guests throughout the entire festival, and will get to know each other and the other invited artists better through a special programme of seminars, will mingle with the local audience and will tell us about their experiences during the festival breakfasts.


Ho Rui An (Singapore) . Kaori Nishio (Japan) . Kang-Hee Jeon (South Korea) . Lucila Piffer (Argentina) . Kwon Songhee (South Korea) . Wichaya Artamaat (Thailand) . Lee Ren Xi (Malaysia) . Richard Antrobus (South Africa), Gavin Krastin

Seminar Programme

Philipp Schulte (Gießen University)

Presented within the framework of Our Common Futures, with the support of the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Within the framework of its partnership with the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, the Region of Lower Saxony is providing two festival grants for participants from the Eastern Cape.