Samuel Achache . Valence . France

A Quirky Musical Theatre Expedition into the Eternal Ice

Faire une fugue – in English: do a runner. This is what six researchers have done. Into a white nothingness. Into the Antarctic. And yet even at the end of the world, unresolved conflicts come to light in a wild vodka-fuelled intoxication. Different as the stories that they carry with them are, the polar researchers find some common ground in the act of making music together. The form of the fugue in particular has done this to the polar researchers – perhaps because, in a fugue, the joining together and contrast between the individual voices produces a harmonious sound. Can this principle also be applied to life more generally? 

Director Samuel Achache brings quirky situations to the stage, through which the ensemble piles one virtuosic comedic performance onto the next – without, however, stifling the show’s discreet melancholic thread, which inevitably unfolds when people set out on a search for a fulfilled life.

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Director Samuel Achache Collaboration Sarah Le Picard Scenography Lisa Navarro . François Gauthier-Lafaye Light Vyara Stevanova . Maël Fabre Costume Pauline Kieffer Music Direction Florent Hubert Collective Musical Arrangements by and with Anne-Lise Heimburger . Vladislav Galard . Florent Hubert . Léo Antonin Lutinier . Thibault Perriard . Samuel Achache With the Music of Bach . Couperin . Di Lasso . Lallande . Perriard . Purcell Production La Comédie de Valence, CDN Drôme-Ardèche

Sponsored by Veolia

With the kind support of Institut français and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication / DGCA

Staatstheater Großes Haus

18.06.19:00 Uhr

19.06.16:00 Uhr

AdmissionAdvance booking 24 Euro . Evening box office 26 Euro
ConcessionsAdvance booking 12 Euro . Evening box office 13 Euro
Introduction18.06. 18:30 . Louis-Spohr-Saal
Warm-up19.06. 15:00 . Meeting point at Foyer Großes Haus
Duration1h30 . no interval
LanguageFrench with German surtitles

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Une fugue en musique est une forme d’écriture contrapuntique exploitant le principe de l’imitation. 

On désigne à partir du XVIIe siècle du nom de « fuga » (du latin fugere, fuir) une composition entièrement fondée sur ce procédé. Des voix indépendantes forment un ensemble, chacune pourchasse l’autre qui prend la fuite devant elle. 

C’est une histoire qui se passe au pôle Sud, il y fait froid, il est question de l’amour et de la mort comme d’habitude, et on chante quand les mots manquent ou qu’ils ne suffisent pas.
Samuel Achache

« Je suis mort au tumulte du monde et repose dans un coin tranquille. Je vis solitaire dans mon ciel, dans mon amour, dans mon chant. » 
Friedrich Rückert