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Beer cans, darts, aquariums, and the band’s lettering on a leather jacket: Isolation Berlin aren’t just the best band because of the fact that they had so many hits before their debut album was even released. So many that Bamborschke & Co. had to release two LPs right away, first “Berliner Schule/ Protopop” with “Alles grau”, “Der Bus der stillen Hoffnung” etc. And then “Und aus den Wolken tropft die Zeit” with “Der Garten deiner Seele”, “Fahr weg” etc. No! Isolation Berlin are above all the best band because they live by the Do It Yourself indie ethos with such passion. Life overflows from all their songs with breath-taking vitality.

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Festivalzentrum im Theaterpark

09.06.21:30 Uhr