Johanna Borchert mit Band

Johanna Borchert  Foto  Frank Schemmann

Listen to Borchert, and consider: is this jazz or smarter pop? A pianist or a singer? Is this a new disco ball movement? Before even the first question is answered, the Echo Jazz 2015 comes into play. A win in the best singer category. For a trained pianist. For Johanna Borchert, who divides her time between Berlin and Copenhagen, and her audacity in combining microscopic details with epic panoramas. Listen to Borchert, and consider: I’m listening to the drummer of a band called Frittenbude, playing with Scandinavia’s best current bass player Jonas Westergaard and Germany’s greatest guitarist Peter Meyer. Yes, have a listen to Borchert.

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Festivalzentrum im Theaterpark

16.06.21:00 Uhr