The Conversations
몇 가지 방식의 대화들

Kyung Sung Lee . Creative VaQi . Seoul . South Korea

A Documentary Panorama of a Society with Generational Chasms

The two generations being brought together by director Kyung Sung Lee share a meal of rice and a discussion: four actors in their mid-30s, born at the time of the democratic resistance to the Korean military dictatorship, concealed behind a puppet regime. And Ae Soon, the director’s former nanny, born in 1941, when the country was still a Japanese colony. Together with the actors, Ae Soon tells stories from her life, from the Korean War through to the country’s unprecedented economic expansion into one of the Asian “tiger economies” in the 1980s. Historical film footage and the comments of the young performers, who often attribute a very different meaning to the same facts, accompany her stories. It becomes increasingly apparent that the current prosperity of the young is dependent on the efforts of the older generations. “Now I can say with certainty that I’m happy,” says Ae Soon. “I live at a happy time. Don’t I?”

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Director Kyung Sung Lee Dramaturg Su Jin Jang Lighting Hyek Joon Go Assistant Director Yei Sol Hyun Technical Director Hong Sik Moon Stage Manager Soo Hyun Seo With Ae Soon Lee . Soo Yeon Sung . Myung Sang You . Sujin Jang . Kyung Min Na Translation in German Jan Creutzenberg Surtitles . Tour Manager Danbi Lee Video Jae-Hwan Lee

Within the framework of Our Common Futures supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation


12.06.17:30 Uhr

13.06.20:00 Uhr

AdmissionAdvance booking 18 Euro . Evening box office 20 Euro
ConcessionsAdvance booking 9 Euro . Evening box office 10 Euro
Introduction12.06. 17:00 . Foyer LOT-Theater
Warm-up13.06. 19:00 . LOT-Theater
Duration1h30 . no interval
LanguageKorean with German and English surtitles

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