The Nameless

Video installation . 2015

In his video installation about the "nameless", Ho Tzu Nyen follows the traces of shape-shifters, double agents, informants and traitors.

The historical figures among them include the general secretary of the Malayan Communist Party, Lai Teck – a man with over 50 aliases. Little is known about him to this day, other than that he had Chinese-Vietnamese roots, and worked for both the French and British secret services as well as for the Japanese military police.

Ho Tzu Nyen has taken the images for The Nameless from feature films. For example, to show us how to "turn" an enemy spy and win them over to the other side, he calls on the services of legendary Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chui Wai.

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Concept . Editing Ho Tzu Nyen Voice Song Yuzhe . Hung Manh Le Translation Low Kah Wei . Aaron Hasche Sound Mix Titus Maderlechner Color Grading Carolin Röckelein

Within the framework of Our Common Futures supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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LanguageChinese and Vietnamese with English subtitles

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