Theaterformen has been holding a festival party since 2015. Following the concert in the festival centre, we will be moving to the Kleines Haus in the Staatstheater, where DJ Butch Cassidy will bring our bodies into the mood. As the Braunschweig DJ, he has had two long-standing residencies: Die rasende Rumpelkiste in Brain and Pleasure Park in Nexus. His wild style can do anything. And when the pack starts to sweat, Berliner Daniela La Luz will take over: as a producer, she puts music out on her own label, Parallel Records, and also works with Souvenir, Cocoon and Housewax. During her live set, she creates deep, warm house beats.

Probebühne im Kleinen Haus des Staatstheaters

18.06.22:30 Uhr