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Video installation . 2014

Lola Arias’ video installation functions at the crossroads of experience and memory, documentary and fiction, and will be shown as a complement to Minefield. Argentinian veterans tell us about the Falklands War and about what it means to have fought and killed, and to have seen death but survived. They re-enact their wartime experiences today, 30 years later, in places that are part of their daily lives, and bring their past into the present as though through a time machine.

More from Lola Arias: Minefield, documentary time travel into mined terrain at Staatstheater Großes Haus

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Concept . Direction Lola Arias Performed by Guillermo Dellepiane . Daniel Terzano . Marcelo Vallejo . Dario Volonté . Fabián Volonté Mise en Scène Nele Wohlatz . Ignacio Masllorens Cinematography Manuel Abramovich Camera Manuel Abramovich . Ignacio Masllorens Sound Francisco Pedemonte . Facundo Moreno Production Sofía Medici . Luz Algranti Editing Alejo Moguillansky Editing Collaboration Nele Wohlatz Translation Daniel Tunnard

Staatstheater Hausbar

15.06. - 17.06.17:00 - 20:00 Uhr

18.06. - 19.06.15:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Admission3 Euro . Tickets available at the Staatstheater box office
LanguageArgentinean Spanish with English subtitles

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