Text and dramaturgy by Anka Herbut

Łukasz Twarkowski .Wroclaw . Polen I Vilnius . Litauen

Psychothriller with trance potential
Three stories, true and invented, serve Łukasz Twarkowski as the basis for visual and musical excess on stage, for a fireworks display for the senses, with which he sheds light on the darkest corner of our psyche. In the novella Lokis(1869) by Prosper Mérimée, a pregnant countess is attacked by bears in north-western Lithuania; the son she later gives birth to has animalistic traits and many years later, his bride is found viciously mauled after the wedding night. Then the tragic end of the Lithuanian photographer Vitas Luckus, who stabbed his wife’s male friend in a fit of rage at a party in 1987 and then threw himself out the window. And finally, the murder of the actress Marie Trintignant by her boyfriend Bertrand Cantat, singer of the rock band Noir Désir, in a hotel room in Vilnius in 2003. Surrounded by legend and exploited by the media, it’s almost impossible to construct what really happened in any of these stories. In a hypnotic production with powerful imagery, Twarkowski goes in search of the origin of horror and a truth that never existed.

Łukasz Twarkowski

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Direction Łukasz Twarkowski With Darius Gumauskas . Rytis Saladžius . Vainius Sodeika . Saulius Bareikis . NelėSavičenko . Elžbieta Latėnait. Airida Gintautaitė. DovilėŠilkaitytė. Gytis Ivanauskas . Arnas Danusas Stage Fabien Lédé Coustume DovilėGudačiauskaitė Music Bogumił Misala Choreography Paweł Sakowicz Video Jakub Lech Light Eugenijus Sabaliauskas Assistance Author TeklėKavtaradze Production Vidas Bizunevicius Assistance Direction Giedrė Kriaučionytė Production Lietuvos nacionalinis dramos teatras


20.06.19:00 Uhr . Opening

21.06.19:00 Uhr

AdmissionVVK a 26 / AK 28 . VVK b 20 / AK 22
ConcessionsVVK a 13 / AK 14 . VVK b 10 / AK 11
Introduction21.06. 18.30 Uhr . Rangfoyer
Warm-up21.06. 18.00 Uhr . Treffpunkt Kassenfoyer
Post-Show Talk21.06. Rangfoyer
Duration3.15h . one break
LanguageLithuanian with German and English surtitles

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