The DisOrdinary Architecture Project


The festival centre design by The DisOrdinary Architecture Project – created by Deaf architects Richard Dougherty and Chris Laing (consultant) with Zoe Partington and Jos Boys - starts from the sensory and performative space of Deaf Culture and sign language. We imagine the social circles formed by Deaf people whenever they are together as a kind of archetypal clearing in a forest. An opening where other entities can emerge out of 'hiddenness' and be made visible in the light. A place that values embodied difference. 

This becomes one of many different ‘clearings’ that can open-up public space to all its diverse inhabitants, supporting our many different ways of being in the world; and challenging commonly held notions about normalcy, disability and human bio and neuro-diversity. 

As people come together for the Festival Theaterformen, an adapted and accessible Herzogin-Anna-Amalia Square hopes to offer places where everyone can feel comfortable, whether together and apart, resting or partying, energized or relaxed. A place that offers no clear boundary between 'abled' and 'disabled'. A place where everyone can gain from a more nuanced understanding of the importance of respecting diversity and difference in our society.

The DisOrdinary Architecture Project is an informal platform which works to promote new models of practice for the built environment, led by the creativity and experiences of disabled and Deaf artists. Food and beverages will be served by the Restaurant Reyna.

The DisOrdinary Architecture Project invite you to a discussion at the Festival Centre on Friday, 01.07. at 6 pm.

Bar & Restaurant

starting 4 pm (Mon – Fri)
starting 2 pm Uhr (Sat – Sun)


4 pm to 8 pm (Mon – Fri)
2 pm to 8 pm (Sat – Sun)

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Production credits

Idea, Design The DisOrdinary Architecture Projekt – Zoe Partington, Jos Boys, Richard Dougherty, Chris Laing Architect Richard Dougherty Consulting Chris Laing Project Management, Coordination Hanna Noller Workshop Participants Rita Mazza, Sophia Neises, Steve Stymest, Noa Winter Photos Moritz Küstner