Anniversary year 2020​

Festival Th30terformen celebrates 30th birthday

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Festival Theaterformen 2020

The next edition of Festival Theaterformen takes place in Braunschweig from 2nd to 12th of july 2020. Programme will be launched in april 2020

Dsc 7196 Klein Foto Andreas Greiner Napp

Untold stories disappear

Untold stories disappear – stories that are told remain

Festivalcampus Theaterformen 01 Foto Lukas Kreibig

The concert of INTERNATIONAL MUSIC is canceled!! BOTSCHAFT moves up

We are sorry: The concert of INTERNATIONAL MUSIC won't take place on Wednesday, 26th June. Instead the band BOTSCHAFT will play. 

Botschaft Theaterformen 2019 Dennis Dirksen

A Call to Dance: Come over and leave a movement

From Saturday, 15. June, the Australian choreography Amrita Hepi will welcome you in her Call-to-Dance-Shop on Ballhofplatz. 

A Call To Dance Amrita Hepi

Programme 2019

“An adventure for the artists, the participants, for us as the festival team and for our public”, says the artistic director Martine Dennewald about the specifics of this year's festival, “with all the risks that come with intercultural theatre productions. But also a great opportunity, for we are setting off on the search for (life) stories which have so far played little part in the official narrative of Hannover. Directors interweave their own perspectives with those of the participants, visualise multifaceted, unusual aspects of the city and its people, advocate a confident approach to differences, and offer personal, individualistic, complex answers to current questions.”

Martine Kachel Hoch