A Call to Dance: Come over and leave a movement

Come over! 
Come in!
Leave a movement there!

Amrita Hepi opened a shop on Ballhofplatz to talk to you. Join acclaimed choreographer and dancer Amrita Hepi for a yarn about heritage, belonging, public expression and cultural authenticity. Together you’ll have fun and open conversation about some big issues facing us all, and come up with a small movement of personal rebellion: a move that’s all about you.

Each evening, she’ll set up outside in the public space and perform the moves discovered from the people from hanover that day.

Shop Stadtartist– Galerie für Stadtartismus, Ballhofplatz 3

Opening hours 15.-18.06. und 20.-23.06. each 9.30 am - 4 pm 

Daily Performance each 5 pm

Registration is requested:

Registration Shop-Conservation  

Free admission