Collectors wanted

We are recruiting individuals who consider themselves “Collectors”.

What’s a collector? A collector is a person who collects certain things as a hobby. Things like ...
Trash. Model cars. Newpapers. Glass figurines. Rocks. Scissors. Stamps. Marbles. Wigs. Chairs. Coins. Knives. Cars. Toys. Dolls. Watches. Typewriters. Model trains. Tractors. Guitars. Taxidermy. Soap. Snakes. Metals.

In 2015, the US theater company 600 HIGHWAYMEN was invited by Festival Theaterformen to come to Hanover to create a show performed by 45 Hanover citizens called The Record. Two years later, they returned to Theaterformen again with the participatory show, The Fever. Now, Abby and Michael (the directors) will return to Hanover once again to create for Theaterformen a special project called The Collectors.

We are recruiting individuals who have special collections, and who are willing to show and discuss their collections to others. 

If you are interested – or if you know of someone we should know – please be in touch by filling out the following form:

  • Collector’s Name, 
  • Collector’s Email, Phone
  • Who is the collector? (If yourself, please answer the questions below)
  • What is the collection made up of?
  • Approximately how many pieces are in the collection? How did you hear about this project?

Please see below for pertinent dates

Week of March 11th: the directors of the project will meet individually with interested collectors. Following these meeting, approximately 3 to 5 collectors will be selected.
June 11ththrough 28th: One-on-one rehearsals with the directors.
June 29thand 30th: Public Performances as part of Festival Theaterformen.

Please share far and wide! 

Katharina Wisotzki is looking forward to receiving applications via wisotzki@theaterformen.de until February 26, 2019.