An open-air square illuminated with green spotlights at night. In the center of the image is a person in a red cape and feather earrings, standing upright in front of a microphone. The person appears to be speaking into it. The face is painted with a red line running from forehead to upper lip. The person's temples are painted with red dots. Behind the person, several people in red, green and blue capes can be seen. Their bodies are facing towards the right. The event on the square is observed by spectators in the background of the picture.
Several people in knee-length colorful capes with reflectors running vertically down the front. The people appear to be marching, they are wearing black masks. They hold green laser pointers in their hands that illuminate the ground beneath their feet. From behind they are illuminated with purple spotlights.
An open-air square immersed in red light. Four masked people in knee-length, dark capes stand one behind the other. With their right hands stretched forward, they operate green laser pointers. Behind them are two people, one in a yellow and the other in a red jumpsuit. Both are holding spotlights in their hands, but only the left one is being used. The event on the square is observed by a large number of people in the background of the image.




In the frame of the Festival Theaterformen, the Chilean collective LASTESIS invites 30 women and members of Hanover’s LGBTQIA+ community to take part in a joint process of work leading to a performance. Sustained by the bodies and experiences of the participants, RESISTENCIA o la reivindicación de un derecho colectivo (RESISTANCE or the Demand for a Collective Right) puts the queer-feminist theories of Judith Butler, Paul B. Preciado and María Lugones into practice. Amid the conflicts between oppression and joy, death and celebration, accusations and resistance, the project seeks to defend the right to a life free of violence in a context of colonisation and exploitation.


With the 2019 performance Un violador en tu camino (A Rapist in Your Path) the feminist performance collective LASTESIS set a movement in motion that has extended far beyond Chile. Thousands of women and members of queer communities around the world have organised themselves and taken the choreography that called for resistance to sexualized violence onto the streets of their cities.


*LGBTQIA+ means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and additional spectrums of gender and sexuality.

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In DGS: Resistencia

Production credits

Performance Sibila Sotomayor, Daffne Valdés, Paula Cometa (Colectivo LASTESIS) Photo (1) BoCa - Biennial of Contemporary Arts Photo (2), Photo (3) Aton Fundación Teatro a Mil

A Co-production by Fundación Teatro a Mil, Parque Cultural de Valparaíso Ex Cárcel and Hebbel am Ufer.