A bird's eye view of a crowd with blue glowing headphones.
Two people dance. One person wears a black vibrating waistcoat.
A person with blue glowing headphones. She smiles and seems to be dancing. She is holding a green bottle in her hand.

Silent Disco

Planningtorock, aua&angst, Fuchsbau Festival, SNNTG Festival, Troi Lee and many more

On the opening evening of the festival and every Friday and Saturday we invite you to dance! The disused Prinzenstraße will then turn into the dancefloor for our silent discos, where the music comes not from loudspeakers but from headphones. Silently we move through the night – and look awesomely good while we’re doing it! Deaf visitors to the party have the opportunity to borrow vibration belts – these allow bass notes to flow directly into the body in the form of vibrations, blurring boundaries so that everyone can dance to the beats of our DJs together.

The names of the other DJs and hosts who are performing at our Silent Discos will be published one by one. 

Thu 22 June
aua & angst (soft spot)

Distorted pop-samples, electronic hybrids & warming sounds – aua&angst mixes sensitive DJ sets, shifting between Ballroom and Breakbeats, empowering lyrics and femme attitudes. They are part of the collective soft spot, which creates spaces for experimental, electronic sounds in Hannover and searches for queer-feminist politics on and off the dancefloor.


Planningtorock - aka Jam Rostron - is a Bolton-born Tallinn based singer-song writer, composer, producer and director with four critically acclaimed studio albums of queer dance to their name - not to mention various collaborations, Opera's, film and fashion scores and remixes. A self-taught, trans- non-binary, working-class musician, they've spent a decade plus queering sound and vision as Planningtorock.

Fri 23 June
Fuchsbau Festival
DJ Kündigung

We host this Silent Disco together with the Fuchsbau Festival:

DJ Kündigung was born and raised in Berlin. She is the co-founder of the party series called WET; a queer FLINTA party taking place in Berlin and Vienna.
She finds in music the perfect medium to communicate and express her passion and devotion strongly linked to WET’s manifesto and concept.

DJ Kündigung on soundcloud.com

For more than ten years, the Fuchsbau e.V. has presented a decidedly progressive programme that examines and discusses social changes from the perspective of a young generation, and thinks speculatively into the future. The lighthouse project is the three-day interdisciplinary Fuchsbau Festival, which takes place every two years and combines art, music and discourse formats under one overarching theme. A constant is the focus on innovative formats that bring underrepresented and marginalised groups (LGBTQI+, BIPoC) to the fore. Behind the association is a non-profit collective of artists, activists, cultural and social scientists.


Sat 24 June
SNNTG Festival
Acid Burrito & oLEa 

This Silent Disco is organised together with SNNTG e.V.. 
SNNTG e.V. is a non-profit socio-cultural association founded in January 2017 with the aim of promoting art and culture in the Hannover region. Special focus is placed on the SNNTG Festival, which is organised in a grassroots, non-commercial and collaborative manner.  SNNTG e.V. is a platform for art, music and other cultural projects and has been networking interdisciplinary cultural actors since its foundation. The association continuously motivates its steadily growing membership to volunteer and participate in socio-cultural activities and socio-political participation. The fifth SNNTG Festival will take place from 28 to 30 July 2023 in the Hanover region, in Wehmingen near Sehnde. For several years, the diverse cultural programme has attracted 3,000 visitors from the region, Lower Saxony and Germany to the grounds of the historic tram museum for three days. https://www.snntg.de

Together with the artists Acid Burrito and the duo oLEa, we interweave the night with the day. 

The musical selection of the DJ, curator and artist Acid Burrito from Hanover creates a sound from the fusion of her own Colombian background with bass and the discoveries of her musical travels. In her diverse sets, she combines gaitas and marimbas from the Caribbean coast with quivering electronic beats.


The DJ duo oLEa from Frankfurt and Hamburg play a varied sound between progressive house, melodic and techno. Always melodic and euphoric. Unimpressively driving and excitingly vocal. The artists share a passion for musical experimentation and dancing as a language, with sensitive euphoria.


Fri 30 June
Deaf Rave with Troi Lee

Troi Lee is a London-Based Deaf DJ, Performer, Events Organiser & Founder of Deaf Rave. Troi hosts raves and produces online streamed showcases in sign-songs, dance, comedy, VV (Visual Vernacular) and other visual performances made by and for Deaf communities worldwide.

Sat 1 July
DJ espionaje // LASTESIS (after the performance Resistencia)

This Silent Disco is hosted together with QENEM who put fraukatah, Gerda and DJ Cherrie behind the turntables.

QENEM stands for queerfeminist empowering network for electronic music. In and around Hannover they create this inspiring project with many DJs and producers. They want to explicitly address FLINTA * people: women, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender people - together they want to create a space for empowerment and a space for a protected exchange about topics that move them in the electronic music scene. They also advocate for more diversity on the decks, a safe partying experience for all people involved, and an aware partying culture.


Still fresh on the decks and in search of a varied sound, fraukatah from Hannover moves in her sets between sonorous progressive house and pounding dark minimal techno. Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes playful, most important is a bassline that tempts you to dance.

Gerda doesn't let genre boundaries stop her and likes to fire breakbeat, techno, minimal and jazzy house sounds around! Gerda has been living in Magdeburg for the last five years and has really shaken up the scene. There she threw hot concerts and parties at dreamy off-locations with her live synth sound collective "Schall & Rauschen" and regularly gave FLINTA* DJ workshops.


Cherrie comes from Hanover. She never loses in a star battle - not even a blink of an eye. Cherrie's music: DubTechno; direct, booming, intense. If you're ready, get involved in a captivating contest of bass and reverb and experience how this niche genre conquers the club  in the periphery, takes care of the ears and the bodies, how it moves you and doesn't let go.


Information on DJ espionaje from LASTESIS will follow.

Production credits

Photos Moritz Küstner, Andreas Greiner-Napp