Raquel Meseguer lies on a concrete construction in the city.
Raquel Meseguer lies on the street. There are leaves all around her.

A Crashcourse In Cloudspotting: Digital Version

Raquel Meseguer Zafe


An Invitation to Pause. To Relax. To Listen.

“A Crashcourse in Cloudspotting” invites you to surrender yourself to the subversive act of lying down. It is about public resting and courageous deeds that often remain invisible. The play is part theatre, part meditation on relaxation, gravity and interpersonal relationships. An intimate audio journey, a pause in front of the screen, and an invitation to connect with other participants in imaginary ways. 

In “A Crashcourse in Cloudspotting”, people who, due to their invisible disabilities and chronic illnesses, need rest periods throughout the day share their stories on the act of relaxation and repose.

Raquel Meseguer Zafe lives and works in the UK as a dance and theatre practitioner. She identifies as “dis-abled” and uses principles of “crip” and “resting” as creative stimuli. In her work she creates theatrical encounters that foreground the lived experience of invisible disability, chronic illnesses and neurodiversity. Raquel Meseguer is the artistic director of the Uncharted Collective, a Lost Dog Associate Artist, and a Resident at Pervasive Media Studios.    

"A Crashcourse in Cloudspotting” is an  audio performance that is accessed through your smart phone. You can partake remotely via the digital version or you can choose to attend in person, on the Raschplatzhochstraße. Under this link you will find the info for the event in person: Cloudspotting. Please choose between the two versions.  

Production credits

Concept: Raquel Meseguer Zafe / Developed with Sophia Clist, Jamie McCarthy, Laura Dannequin, Tom Metcalfe, Charles Webber, David Haylock, Joseph Horton / Publication design: Lily Green (No Bindings) / Distribution: Unlimited & Camden Alive / Production: MAYK / Photos: Paul Samuel White