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On her album “Heliopause”, the cellist from the capital city tells her very personal story of what it means to be an artist. She begins the opening piece “Being Anne” with tentative short strokes of the bow, washed-out sounds and pauses, and then moves on to a stronger and louder grip and stroke. “Heliopause” continues with loops and modules, with spacious melodies and dynamic circles. It’s one of the albums of last year and in the end it’s clear: “Being Anne” means daring to be a self who is an artist. Because although “Heliopause” is her first solo release, Müller has spent quite a few years as a cellist working in pop, ambient and classical music. After a period playing in several Berlin symphony orchestras, she began a collaboration with Agnes Obel and Nils Frahm that lasted many years, she still works with the latter today. She plays in a solo collective with Alex Stolze and Sebastian Reynolds. And she has a release list as long as your arm too: on her label Erased Tapes alone, you can find names like Lubomyr Melnyk and Ólafur Arnalds, who she’s played live and recorded with. Anne Müller is a must-have like a clutch bag from Celine.

Festival centre

11.07. 20:30 Uhr

Admission free