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What is Awareness?

What is meant by this is mindful and respectful coexistence. The Festival Theaterformen brings together people from a wide range of social backgrounds, with diverse experiences, life paths and opinions. We are happy about this diversity within the framework of the festival.

We live in a society in which unequal power balances are a reality. People are advantaged (privileges) or disadvantaged (discrimination) based on different characteristics. This happens intentionally - but can also happen unintentionally.  

Awareness is a concept that opposes all forms of discrimination, violence and boundary violation. Violating and boundary-crossing behavior, such as sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or other comparable assaults are not tolerated.

Instead, those affected are empowered and actively supported in developing their own strategies for dealing with discrimination.

Awareness Team

During the festival, two members of the awareness team will always be available for you on the phone, by email or on site. They are there to support you in case of discrimination or boundary violations. 

At this point we would like to point out that we as an awareness team do not have experience or inexhaustible knowledge in all discrimination-relevant topics - but as a team we combine diverse perspectives, expertise and our own life experiences. If needed, we will provide contact information that brings a different expertise related to your needs. We know we are not perfect - so if you have any comments or criticisms, feel free to write to us!

Contact options

There are several ways to reach us. No matter how: If you reach out, a person will be found for you. This may take a short moment in some cases.

Please choose the method that feels good for you:

  • Phone: +49 176 85 46 76 78 (during show times).
  • E-mail: awareness@theaterformen.de
  • This year, the awareness team can be found at the festival centre during the opening hours. During the festival's events they are available by phone and email. You can recognize them by their blue "awareness bags".
  • Talk to other festival staff members that you would like to get in touch with the awareness team. They will be happy to help you without you having to explain anything.

Awareness concerns all of us!

Together with all participants of the Festival Theaterformen we would like to openly address discrimination and boundary violations and resolutely oppose such behavior. There is an awareness team during the festival - but it is also necessary that everyone takes responsibility individually. We can only counteract, change and dismantle power relations by dealing with them together. For us, this includes becoming aware of our own privileges and existing power structures.

We call on everyone to be mindful and attentive to each other. Be aware of your own boundaries and needs and respect those of others. We want a climate in which everyone can have their say and in which different levels of (in)knowledge can be brought together productively. To achieve this, it is important to listen to each other respectfully. Let each other talk and be open to the positions of others - as long as they do not express discrimination or transgression.

Keep your own strengths and boundaries in mind. It may happen that other people cross your personal boundaries. We encourage you to make those boundaries clear. If you are not sure, we offer you our support as an awareness team.

What to do in case of discrimination or boundary violations?

If a person has experienced violence, assault(s) and/or discrimination, we as an awareness team are guided by how the person perceived the experience. Sometimes overwhelming experiences can translate into a feeling of inability to act for affected individuals.

If you observe a situation where you are not sure if the person is okay right now, please check with them to make sure they are okay. Knowing that you are not alone can sometimes be empowering.

Be aware, however, that it is always the affected person's perspective that matters - this can mean both that you classify the situation as boundary violating, but they do not. It can also mean that someone is experiencing discrimination or a boundary violation even if you don't see it.

If you yourself are affected by a boundary violation or discrimination, your needs are the focus, not those of the person causing it. 

Remain in dialogue 

If an incident should occur to which we as an awareness team are called, it is always you as the person affected who decides what form of support you would like. Together we will look for ways of dealing with the situation and possible courses of action.

Discriminatory behavior is hurtful - regardless of whether the act was intentional or unintentional, and this has no influence on how the experience feels for the person affected. Nevertheless, we know that assaults can also happen out of ignorance.

Our goal is to transform this ignorance into knowledge. In this sense we would like to facilitate a dialogue. Ultimately, however, it is you as the person affected who decides whether you would like to have a conversation (moderated and accompanied, if necessary) with the person from whom the discrimination originated.

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