DANCE THE TANDEM – Theaterformen special

04 Dance The Tandem Pano

Makatumbe feat. Chaban Family (Hildesheim & Neustadt, Germany)
Coproduction with Musikland Niedersachsen and the Schauspiel Hannover

Music, food and a party, that’s what the series Dance the Tandem is now famous for. It takes place each month at the Schauspiel Hannover in cooperation with Musikland Niedersachsen. Makatumbe, a band from Hildesheim, got to know the Chaban family from Syria via Welcome Board, an information centre for refugee musicians: thus the Hildesheim quartet’s cumbia-soaked, ragamuffin style dotted with accordion is mixed with folk from Syria and teenage girls singing the world’s pop hits. 

“The audience loves it.” HAZ on the Chaban family

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12.06. 20:00 Uhr

Admission free