Mamela Nyamza . Cape Town. South Africa

Performative analysis of conditions on unstable ground 

What became of the rainbow nation South Africa, 23 years after the official end of apartheid and the first democratic elections? What does the promise “freedom for all” mean today? On a rainbow-coloured bench these ideals start to wobble, ideologies start to crumble, hopeless cycles are brought to light, people fight, lose, make accusations. Choreographer and dancer from Cape Town, Mamela Nyamza, and performer Aphiwe Livi expose the racist mechanisms operating in today’s South African society, Christianity as a symbol of oppression and black, female and LGBTQ bodies as a battleground. In this maelstrom of dance, song, rhythm and Bible quotes, the bench threatens to tip over, becomes a blockade, a prison, a coffin. The attempt to maintain a balance fails. Everything is a construction: apartheid. The rainbow nation. Decolonisation. Reconciliation. 
Post-Show Talk 09.06.

Conceived . Choreographed . Directed by Mamela Nyamza With Mamela Nyamza . Aphiwe Livi Singer Oyama Mbopa Light design Buntu Tyali Costume design Shiba Sopotela Co-production The Clarice University of Maryland

Supported by Goehte-Institut 

Ballhof Zwei

09.06. - 10.06. 17:30 Uhr

Admission Advance booking 18 Euro . Evening box office 20 Euro
Concessions Advance booking 9 Euro . Evening box office 10 Euro
Introduction 10.06. 17:00 Uhr . Foyer Ballhof Zwei
Warm-up 10.06. 16:30 Uhr Ballhof Zwei
Duration 1h . no interval
Language Xhosa and South African English with German surtitles

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