Dein Wort in meinem Mund

Dsc 2073 Kopie Pano

Anna Rispoli . Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner . Brussels . Belgium . Hannover . Germany

A talk about relationships with the other

Somewhere in Hannover, in a place where the audience has never been before. With people who have never met before. The words they are speaking are new, they are not their own. Together they begin an intimate conversation, now and then turning into a heated debate about the most profane – no – the most complex topic in the world: love.
Italian-Belgian artist Anna Rispoli and artist duo Lotte Lindner and Till Steinbrenner from Hannover spoke to a large number of people about love. And in the process learned quite a lot about their personal, religious and political views.
Dein Wort in meinem Mund now places these transcribed conversations in the mouths of the audience members: in Hannover’s centres of power, in both sacred and intimate places – one of them so intimate that it requires a sauna dress code – visitors slip into the roles of the interviewees as they read aloud. How does it feel to express views, values and needs that are not your own?

Performances for those experienced in saunas on the 17.06. at 5 pm and 7 pm. Changing rooms are available.

Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner

Conceived . Realized by Anna Rispoli . Lotte Lindner . Till Steinbrenner

Verschiedene Orte

15.06. - 18.06. 9:30 Uhr / 15:00 Uhr / 17:00 Uhr / 19:00 Uhr

Admission Advance booking 18 Euro . Evening box office 20 Euro
Concessions Advance booking 9 Euro . Evening box office 10 Euro
Duration 1h . no interval
Language German

English performances on 16 June at 7 pm and on 18 June at 9.30 am.
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