A white staircase bordered on the left and right by mirrored walls. A person stands in the middle of it. The person can be seen from behind and is dressed from head to toe in a long-sleeved, flowing robe in the color blue. Both arms are slightly outstretched, the open palms point towards the direction of the white room to which the staircase leads.
A white, bright room with an archway in which three people are standing. On the left, a person can be seen from the side, bringing the palms of her hands together in a begging gesture, looking at the couple standing opposite to them. The person is wearing a white mask and is wrapped from head to toe in a blue flowing robe. Around the neck of the person, a silver chain with a large white rock and phone case can be seen.
 A costumed person on a marble staircase, whose face is hidden by a white mask. The person wears a flowing robe in the color blue and taps on their cell phone, which is in their right hand, attached to a silver chain around their neck. In the background of the picture, the legs of other people can be seen.


Daniel Kotowski


Feeler wanders among people, absorbing their emotions. He tries to get his feelings out and talk about them. He expresses them, calls them and experiences them with you. The question about emotions is sometimes difficult, and the answer often turns out to be intimate, or maybe it is the opposite? Should talking about emotions be part of your daily routine? During the performance, Feeler is a tool you can use.


Daniel Kotowski is a Deaf artist and performer. Born in 1993, he currently resides in Warsaw. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2018) and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw (2016) is a PhD student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. His artistic practice is the starting point for a reflection on the ways of existence. He observes experiences and interpersonal relationships, as well as the way we are perceived by other individuals. His works often refer to the concept of biopower and biopolitics. He is particularly interested in the categories of "completeness" and "incompleteness," their ambivalence and hidden potential.


This event is part of A Sign For The Future. You can find more information here.

Production credits

Performance Daniel Kotowski Costume Design Tomasz Armada Photos Jakub Celej