Festivalcampus Illu Rz 06

What will start at the KunstFestSpielen in May, will continue at the Theaterformen festival in June: the two festivals will cooperate with each other to bring 50 students from five universities in Lower Saxony to Hannover. The young scholars and artists are studying Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Scenography, Art, Performance and Composition in Hannover, Lüneburg, Braunschweig and Hildesheim. They will visit events, have a dialogue with the artists and discuss the shows in seminars and workshops. The Festival Campus offers space for aesthetic experiences and critical reflections: the basis for a lively, socially relevant and future-orientated artistic and cultural work.

Concept and realisation Dr. Philipp Schulte, Theatre Studies, Frankfurt am Main and Antonia Rohwetter, Cultural Studies, Berlin 

With the University of Hildesheim . Braunschweig College of Visual Arts . Leuphana University Lüneburg . Hannover College of Music, Theatre and Media. Hannover College 

Funded by the Stiftung Niedersachsen