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Four movies, four islands, four evenings - during the festival we broadcast four movies which are connected with four islands: Jakarta Disorder tells a David against Goliath story in the Indonesian election campaign, while in Teatro De Guerra, veterans recapitulate the Falklands War. In Black Mother, Jamaicans talk about their home country and Tchindas depicts the preparations for the carnival in Cape Verde from the queer perspective. 

Due to licensing regulations all movies can only be broadcasted in Germany.

Ascan Breuer
In the slums of the tropical megacity Jakarta, two courageous women are fighting for the right of the impoverished masses to participate in the newly won freedom of their country. The construction mania of globalised capital in the booming city is leading to people being pushed out of their areas and destruction. A struggle begins that will lead to groundbreaking political upheavals in the largest Muslim country in the world.

FR 03.07. 20.30 Uhr
Jakarta . Indonesia 2013 . 88 minutes
Language Indonesian with German subtitles

Lola Arias
35 years ago, they fought on opposite sides: Argentinian and British veterans of the war over the Falkland Islands. Argentina claims the group of islands as its own, just as the UK does, under whose sovereignty it is today. In 1982, when Argentina occupied the islands, the UK sent troops. The war lasted two months, the conflict still smoulders today. In Lola Arias’ film and theatre project, which Theaterformen Festival showed in the main theatre in 2016 under the title Minefield, the lines between fiction and history blur, and with the veterans’ personal experiences and memories – the veterans are the protagonists of the play and the film – we find out what this war means for them.  

SA 04.07. 20.30 Uhr
Argentinia . Spain 2018 . 82 minutes
Language Spanish with English subtitles 

Khalik Allah
In Black Mother, director Khalik Allah takes us on a trip through Jamaica, to busy cities and quiet landscapes and to series of lively islanders. Their personal stories create a multi-vocal symphony accompanied by images of the country that are sure to leave an impression. Black Mother tells the story of a turbulent past and at the same time is a portrait of Jamaica today. 

WE 08.07. 20.30 Uhr
USA . Jamaica 2018 . 77 minutes
Language English with English subtitles

Pablo García Pérez de Lara . Marc Serena

On the Cape Verde islands, Tchinda Andrade is a local celebrity who came out early as a transgender person. By now her first name is used as a synonym for queer people. Tchinda’s absolute highlight of the year is the Cape Verdean carnival and the time when the whole city prepares for it. Filmmakers Marc Serena and Pablo García Pérez de Lara accompany Tchinda in her preparations and the challenge of making everything out of nothing.  

THU 09.07.
20.30 Uhr
Cape Verde 2015 . 94 minutes
Language Cape Verdean Creole with German subtitles


03.07. 20:30 Uhr . Jakarta Disorder

04.07. 20:30 Uhr . Teatre of War

08.07. 20:30 Uhr . Black Mother

09.07. 20:30 Uhr . Tchindas

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Please note that due to licensing reasons the films can only be played within Germany.
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