Film Programme: Dogville

Dogville Panorama

by Lars von Trier

As if out of nowhere, a beautiful woman called Grace appears in the secluded small town of Dogville seeking refuge. She tells no one the secret of where she has come from and who she is hiding from. Gradually, Grace wins the trust of the community. But when a letter with her picture turns up one day, the mood turns sour. Dogville is Lars von Trier’s masterpiece. It redefines the limits of cinema with fascinating cinematography, a brilliant ensemble of actors and a production that uses methods from epic theatre. 

DK / SE / GB / D / NL / F / SF / N / I 2003 . 178 minutes Nicole Kidman . Lauren Bacall . John Hurt . Stellan Skarsgard

Kino im Künstlerhaus

05.06. 14:00 Uhr

Admission 6,50 Euro . Concessions 4,50 Euro
Language English with German subtitles