Talk with The DisOrdinary Architecture Project

Jos Boys, Richard Dougherty


Our festival center this year, located between the Schloss-Arkaden and the Kleines Haus, is designed by Deaf architecture experts Richard Dougherty and Chris Laing, along with Zoe Partington and Jos Boys of The DisOrdinary Architecture Project. In the design, the circular arrangements that emerge when Deaf people meet become many individual clearings, like those found in the forest, and end up as one large clearing that opens up space for the diversity of people and their realities of life - a place to share and relax, celebrate and rest, eat and drink, alone or together. The DisOrdinary Architecture Project invites you to a talk together at the festival center on Friday, 01.07. at 18:00.

Production credits

With Jos Boys, Richard Dougherty Moderation Hanna Noller Photos Andreas Greiner-Napp