Ilgen Nur Constantin Timm 3

It’s one of the challenges of our time, announcing the artist Ilgen-Nur without using the word “cool” once. It’s a bit like on Twitter: what counts there are only the comments you can’t expect or the ones that divide people most strongly. Neither fit with what’s really cool, because you can totally expect coolness and anyway everyone loves what’s cool. Who doesn’t want to be cool? If that was the intention of the new slack queen in our country, then Ilgen-Nur Borali has failed. But she can do something better: write songs, real indie rock hits, although in this case rock is really more of a question of instrumentation. Her first EP, first hit, “Cool”, 2017. First album, second hit, “Power Nap”, 2019. Teenage stories, told in a super chill way.

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Festival Centre

04.07. 21:30 Uhr

Admission free