Into The Blue Pano

Dive into the Theaterformen Festival

Into the Blue is a project for anyone who likes to be thrown into the deep end. We are looking for twelve young people in the 9th class who are interested in spending five days at a theatre festival. During the day, we’ll meet for a practical crash course and see how the limits of “classical” theatre can be blown out of the water. In the evening, we’ll watch theatre professionals from all over the world do exactly that in the theatre. Although “watching” means participating, too, and “theatre” can also mean virtual reality or a roulette table. Artists will show you all the things theatre can be in workshops. You don’t need any previous knowledge of theatre, but you should enjoy new languages, meeting people and unconventional theatre. You can register by email or have your teachers register you. From Wednesday to Friday, you’ll need permission to be absent from school. MI 06.06. – SO 10.06.  Please contact Marie-Luise Krüger for more informations

Funded by Klosterkammer Hannover