Journey To A Better World

Jess Thom / Touretteshero


Touretteshero was founded by Jess Thom and Matthew Pountney with the mission of creating an equal world for disabled and non-disabled people through cultural practice. As part of the clinically extremely vulnerable group, Jess Thom isolated herself for 24 months during the Corona virus pandemic. She has imagined her home as a spaceship; with her friends, colleagues and cat as crew. On 07 July, the Starship Biscuit lands in the 1st floor of the Staatstheater Braunschweig. Disabled and non-disabled astronauts of all ages are invited to go on a journey through time and space. What could and should the world look like after COVID-19? Through creative encounters, conversations, and interactive experiences, we envision a future that includes all bodies, minds, and experiences as we travel through the stars on our journey to a better world. All are welcome to join us in creating the journey to a better world. Tarik Elmoutawakil joins the crew of the spaceship as a guest artist.

"It doesn't matter that I haven't left the spaceship in 24 months or that I have no idea where exactly we are going on this journey. What I do know is that even if we feel alone, we have to take this journey together."
Jess Thom

The booklet Your Journey To A Better World  invites participants to draw or write about their own journey, design their own spaceship, and map the constellations of care and connection that matter to them. You can download the booklet under the following link: Booklet

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Production credits

Artistic Director Jess Thom Artistic Collaborators Matthew Pountney, Tarik Elmoutawakil, Felix Peckitt, Zoe Thompson Production Lou Cole Production Assistant, Personal Assistant Claire Murphy Production Manager Erik Perera Set Designer Ben Pacey Photos Matthew Pountney