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Yudai Kamisato . Tokyo . Japan

Tracing the origins of shōchū and redrawing maps

Shōchū, a type of Japanese alcoholic beverage, is said to have come to Japan from Thailand, via the Ryūkyū Islands (present-day Okinawa). Working on the hypothesis that Okinawa can still function as a relay point linking Japan and other Asian countries, as the Ryūkyū kingdom once did, Yudai Kamisato is researching the production of distilled spirits on the Ryūkyū Islands (including Amami Oshima, Tokunoshima, the main Okinawa island, and Miyakojima) and the provinces of Chiang Mai and Phrae in northern Thailand. He traces the transmission of distilled spirits and takes a close look at the wavering of borders in Southeast and East Asia.

As members of the audience, in the act of watching a play in the theatre, we may feel its influence on our own bodies. The online "theatrical work" created now by Yudai Kamisato is designed to have the performance unfold in the brains of each and every audience member and thereby give their bodies a theatrical experience.
KHAO KHAO CLUB.mp3 is the online new piece series. It will be streamed at Festival Theaterformen 2020, and after it will be presented several times.

Online conversation The One Thing That Helped
With Yudai Kamisato and Martine Dennewald
SA 11.07. 3.30 PM

We are using the video platform Zoom for the discussions. If you would like to participate, please email us on You will then be given access to the individual events.

Website of the Khao Khao Club.mp3 series

Playwright . Direction Yudai Kamisato Research collaborator Mark Teh Performer Sumire Urata Sound design Masashi Wada Dramaturge Woomin Hyun English Translation Aya Ogawa
German Translation Jerome Mermod Producer Tamiko Ouki(precog) Project manager Megumi Mizuno(precog) Planning and Production Management precog co., LTD. Production P . Okazaki Art Theatre Co-produced Festival Theaterformen Supported by Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) . The Saison Foundation (for “Collaborative Research: Re-Reading the history from the South”)


10.07. 19:00 Uhr . On Demand FRI 10.07. 07.00 PM to SUN 12.07. 12.00 MIDNIGHT

Admission free
Duration ca. 35min
Language Japanese with German and English scripts

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