Ontroerend Goed . Belgien . Gent

A capitalist casino of careless choices

Just imagine you were part of the one percent, the super-rich, pulling all the strings, but never personally appearing in public. The Belgian theatre-makers from the group Ontroerend Goed invite you to take part in an interactive performance about what really counts: money. For 90 minutes, you will sit in the boss’s chair of global turbo-capitalism and will decide on the future of our economic system. You will set the course for how we live together as a global society. And who knows: maybe you’ll make the world a better, fairer place. Maybe you’ll be more responsible than the people at the top and make the right decisions. Because you’d act differently, right?

Ontroerend Goed

Director Alexander Devriendt Script Joeri Smet . Angelo Tijssens . Karolien De Bleser . Alexander Devriendt Cast Joeri Smet . Angelo Tijssens . Karolien De Bleser . Samir Veen . Hannah Boer . Aurélie Lannoy . Joeri Heegstra . Britt Bakker . Charlotte De Bruyne . Bastiaan Vandendriessche . Robin Keyaert . Max Wind . Sjef van Schie . Aaron Gordon Technical support Babette Poncelet . Iben Stalpaert Costume Astrid Peeters Music Johannes Genard Design Nick Mattan Scenography vormen Dramaturgy Koba Ryckewaert . Zach Hatch . Julie Behaegel (intern) Assistant producer Charlotte Nyota Bischop (intern) Producer David Bauwens Tourplanning Karen Van Ginderachter

Saatstheater Grosses Haus . Orchesterprobensaal . Treffpunkt Kassenfoyer

08.06. 17:00 Uhr / 20:00 Uhr

09.06. - 10.06. 14:00 Uhr / 17:00 Uhr

Admission Advance booking 18 Euro . Evening box office 20 Euro
Concessions Advance booking 9 Euro . Evening box office 10 Euro
Duration 1h20 . no interval
Language English, French, Shona and Wolof

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