Laura Liz Gil Echenique . Havana . Kuba

Inventing the future with the elderly of Braunschweig

How do old stories become new ones, how do you transform memories into wishes and plans? And why do we assume that the future belongs to young people and the past to old people anyway? A conversation with her grandmother inspired the Cuban dramaturge and performer Laura Liz Gil Echenique to explore these questions. In Braunschweig, she invited people over 65 who speak her mother tongue Spanish to look into the future with her, without losing sight of the present or the past. Playful, artistic and original – like the title of her play, which combines the past, present and future in a neologism – she enters into conversation with Braunschweig’s citizens. The new encounters and elements from the play’s previous sojourns in Havana and Madrid create an artistic installation, in which Gil Echenique’s grandmother also plays a special role.

Online conversation The One Thing That Helped
With Laura Liz Gil Echenique and Martine Dennewald
MON 06.07.
08.30 PM

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With Maria Teresa Novo . Svetlana and Julián Toro Ramos .  Miguel Ruiz . Wendie Hidalgo . Robert Robinson .  Agnes Kauer . María Laumeyer . Emelia Drago Concept Laura Liz Gil Echenique Design . Realization Laura Liz Gil Echenique . Julio César Cuquerella Guillén Production Florencia Ranfagni Public Relations Dianelis Diéguez la O German Translation Franziska Muche English Translation Vivian Ia


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Admission 8 Euro
Concessions 5 Euro
Duration 30min
Language Spanish with German translation

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Hygiene rules

Mouth and nose protection are mandatory when visiting the installation. There are signs explaining distance and hygiene rules. Guided tour through floor markings. A maximum of 2 visitors is allowed in the installation within a time slot of half an hours on a total surface of about 35 m2. No talking or singing in the installation. The contact details of the visitors of a time slot are recorded for the purpose of tracing infection chains. The room is regularly ventilated, and surfaces are disinfected.