Madar Band C Mohammad Abo Shukur

“Salsa is a sauce!” Tito Puente once said. How can we label flamenco then? How? From pre-Romance music to the Castilian romance and the cultural influences of the Near East handed down by Al Andalus, the music and dance of the Roma was played on in Spain and continually adapted to the present. This makes it all the more confusing that the Madar Band only lists flamenco as one of the types of music they play. With two acoustic and one bass guitar, Madar Band call south American music “hot” too and some of their improvisations swing like Stéphane Grappelli playing a musical duel with Django Reinhardt somewhere in Paris a number of decades ago. Then add classical music from Syria, which is where the three musicians come from originally. In the meantime, they’ve found a gravitational axis in the Berlin hotspot for world wanderers and those looking for a home, “Refugio”, an island even. 

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Festival Centre

05.07. 21:30 Uhr

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