Self-description of the depicted persons: Two white, able-bodied cis men are sitting cross-legged on a colorful carpet. There is a metal bowl on a wooden pedestal between them and a colorful tapestry in the background. The man on the right is washing the left man's left hand.
A metal bowl with a milky liquid. Three cupped hands are holding some of that liquid and slightly touching its surface.
Self-description of the depicted persons: A white, able-bodied cis man with closed eyes sucking on a tube on the performer's chest, who is also white, able-bodied and cis. The performer is holding the man's head with one hand.


Samuli Laine


We give and we take. In Nurture, the performer Samuli Laine dissolves any associations and expectations we may have regarding care and the act of breastfeeding in this intimate encounter between him and his guest. Laine understands breastfeeding as a radical driving force of change and invites us to take a closer look at the interaction between living beings. With great care, he approaches the connections between humans and nature, opening our eyes to the countless networks of human communities and biological processes that sustain our bodies and enable us to live together on Earth.

Laine then invites his guest to be breastfed, thus creating a space in which social norms can be transformed.Nurture addresses the fragility of life and the necessity of recognizing and accepting our own vulnerability. 

Please note: The performance will take place in the form of a one-on-one meeting with Samuli Laine.

Samuli Laine is a scenographer and performer. He has been working as a light, room, and video designer in contemporary dance and theater productions since 2010. He is part of the Finnish art collective W A U H A U S and the Reality Research Center in Helsinki. His works have been shown in Helsinki and at various international festivals.

Production credits

Concept, Performance Samuli Laine Rug Laura Jantunen Soundscape Jussi Matikaine Mentoring Jarkko Partanen, Jussi Matikainen Photos Filippo Zambon Production Reality Research Center, Samuli Laine Supported by Finnish Cultural Foundation, Uusimaa Regional fund.