Radio Ghost



Do you believe in ghosts?

In order to catch a ghost, you must behave like a ghost. Radio Ghost is both a voice in your head and a captive, site-specific multiplayer game using a smartphone and headphones. Together with two other agents, you will embark on a ghost hunt in the Schloss-Arkaden shopping center in Braunschweig. 

You must disguise yourself as a harmless visitor in order to decipher the history of the shopping center. You will travel through portals to the most remote dimensions of the haunted shopping center and follow the instructions that take you to a world full of price tags behind which the true costs are hidden.

On this mission, which is part game, part interactive radio show, and part ghost hunt, your team of ghost hunters must blend into the crowd. 
Warning! This game is (not) a real ghost hunt. You won’t be looking for headless kings or gray ladies in attics. The ghosts you’ll be hunting are of an entirely different nature … 


The theater and digital art collective ZU-UK is known for its personal, political, and ethical approach to international projects that concentrate on interactive experiences online and in the public realm. Their work focuses on sustainable consumption. They are active in the UK and abroad.

Production credits

Concept ZU-UK