Edu O.



What we call silence is full of sounds from inside and outside. We call Silêncio (Silence) the space that is free of our presence. However, the space is still filled with our traces and the visitors who enter it. It is a moment of calm in which the audience can explore the surroundings of the installation and its possibilities. They can participate by tying knots to the net, drawing on our photographs or simply being present.

Nunca Mais Abismos is a performance installation that invites the audience to watch, participate and explore. Edu O. and his artistic team developed three different performance modes that reverberate on each other and create spaces of fluency and exchange: Nós (We/Us/Knots), Emergir (To Emerge) and Silêncio (Silence).

Production credits

Artistic Direction, Concept Edu O. Performance Edu O., Estela Lapponi, Jania Santos, Aldren Lincoln, Nei Lima, Thiago Cohen Technical Direction, Photography, Video Aldren Lincoln Soundscape Estela Lapponi, Aldren Lincoln Production Management, Costume Nei Lima Production Assistance Thiago Cohen Translation, Production Assistance Braunschweig Rodrigo Garcia Alves Personal Assistance Débora Motta