The Mountain and Other Tales of She Transformed: Hannah Buckley

Alexandrina Hemsley / Yewande 103


Dance Performance

Dancer and choreographer Hannah Buckley explores health, wellbeing and the (collaborative) work of artists and communities. She presents a solo inspired by mountains, fairy tales and women's bodywork. Thoughts and feelings around the "female mastery of space" are translated into movement, sound and image.

Production credits

Hannah Buckley is a dancer and choreographer based in Leeds. Her practice as an artist is rooted in processes that ask questions about dance, about embodiment, about health and wellbeing, and about how artists work, collaborate and co-create with other people, participants and communities.

Choreography, Concept Hannah Buckley
 Performance Elsie Brown, Hannah Buckley
 Filming, Editing Rowland Hill Photos Andreas Greiner-Napp