Emptying Space Heller Kopie 2

Ira Brand . London . United Kingdom I Amsterdam . Netherlands

In the performance originally invited to the festival, Ways To Submit, Ira Brand would have asked her audience to fight in close physical contact. For The Practice of Emptying Space, she has now explored the emptying of space that is currently affecting her as a theatre maker and created an interdisciplinary essay in three parts that reflects on these changes – with a series of images, an audio play and a text fragment about power, fighting, absent bodies and empty spaces.

Online conversation The One Thing That Helped
With Ira Brand and Martine Dennewald
SAT 04.07. 07.30 PM

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Ira Brand

Concept Ira Brand Sounddesign Yas Clarke Translation Anna Johannsen

Funded by Arts Council England


04.07. 19:00 Uhr . On Demand SAT 04.07. 07.00 PM to MON 06.07. 12.00 MIDNIGHT

Admission free
Duration ca. 30min
Language English and German

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