Vernesa Berbo Composé2019

Oh yeah, that place: the Balkans. Of all people, it was that political slip-up and mushroom seeker Peter Handke who got involved in a debate in the last few years about the political past of the states that once belonged to Yugoslavia. Or rather, not him, but people who didn’t agree with the writer being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature after his journalistic articles about wartime in the Balkans. A debate that was bad, because it was so irrational on all sides; a debate that, however, still had a positive effect, in the sense that it made people aware of realities other than that of the UK and Germany’s sensitivities. Vernesa Berbo performs in acclaimed plays in the Gorki Theater in Berlin, like “Common Ground” for example, and regularly gets her band together there: some boys from the Thuringian Forest, so foreign to us, as well as herself and Amira Kellner, who both sing. Thanks Handke!

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