Two vampires stand side by side in front of a red wall, looking sternly into the camera. Both are wearing black, loose clothes, their necks are visible. Their mouths are slightly open, revealing their sharp canines. The left vampire's face is framed by mid-length dark hair. The right vampire is blond and wears his long hair tied down in a ponytail.

Was ihr nicht sehen könnt – Eine Vampirgeschichte

Manuela Infante

Santiago de Chile

Was ihr nicht sehen könnt (“What you can’t see”) takes us down into the underworld: the myth of the vampire has its origins in our fear of illness, which we prefer to keep hidden away from us. Occupying this indeterminate space between life and death, sickness and health, vampires shift between states that appear to be unambiguous.

Manuela Infante is one of the most important Latin American voices, whose political theatre is fuelled by fantasy and musicality in its own unique way. In Was ihr nicht sehen könnt, she explores with a thirst for knowledge the many stories surrounding vampires. Diego Noguera, with whom she shares a longstanding collaboration, is responsible for the sound design in this work, which creates an acoustic focus through voices and sound.


Manuela Infante is a playwright, director, screen writer, and musician. She is known for her approach of staging complex theoretical themes and works with various theatrical strategies through which she criticizes concepts of humanity from a postcolonial and gender-specific perspective. Infante regards theater not only as a space where stories can be told; but as an experimental place where philosophy can be explored. She was a guest at the Festival Theaterformen in 2021 with How to Turn to Stone and most recently in 2022 with Metamorphoses.

Production credits

Concept, Direction Manuela Infante Concept, Music, Sound Design Diego Noguera With Torben Kessler, Helene Krüger, Nils Rovira-Muñoz Set Design, Light Design Rocío Hernández Costume Design Annabelle Gotha Dramaturgy Camila Valladres, Johanna Vater Assistant Direction Dante Nicolai Lümmen Set Assistant Carolin Gödecke Costume Assistant Rahel Künzi Stage Management Inge Hoffmann Soufflage Martha Jackstien Surtitles Anna Galt Photo Kerstin Schomburg

Co-production by Schauspiel Hannover and Festival Theaterformen.