Sofia Dias . Vítor Roriz . Lisbon . Portugal

Choreographers Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz have been working together since 2006, experimenting and creating work about the plasticity of words and the relationship between body and objects. If in the past they believed each piece to be a window into a specific moment of their research, they now understand each piece as a synthesis of life itself. As if each performance reflected a (re)vision of the world, of what it is to live, to destroy and build something with the other. The co-existence of words and movement is one of the central questions in the work of Sofia Dias and Vítor Roriz. O que não acontece stretches to the extreme the tension line between both. It starts, like former performances of the duo, out of a narrative. “Because a gesture suggests an imagination, the same way words contain a universe within them, each time we say something.” The transmission of the narrative however is distorted, like in a film with frames dropped, like in a bad telephone connection. The noise in the signal causes a hypersensitivity and makes us go back to the origins of words and movement.

By and with Sofia Dias . Vítor Roriz Artistic Collaboration Thomas Walgrave . Alex Cassal . Pedro Costa . Catarina Dias Sound Sofia Dias Technical support Nuno Borda de Água Produktion S&V Co-production Alkantara Tourmanagement international Something Great Residencies at Culturgest . Espaço Alkantara . TNDMII . O-PART / Companhia Nacional de Bailado / Estúdios Victor Córdon – Programa em Trânsito Translation and Surtitles Joana Frazão Surtitles David Maß / Panthea German translation Henning Bochert / Bochert Translations

Staatstheater Grosses Haus

10.06. - 11.06. 19:00 Uhr

Admission Advance booking 24 / 18 Euro . Evening box office 26 / 20 Euro
Concessions Advance booking 12 / 9 Euro . Evening box office 13 / 10 Euro
Introduction 10.06. 18.30 Uhr . Louis-Spohr-Saal
Warm-up 11.06. 18.00 Uhr . Meeting-point Kassenfoyer
Duration 1h15 . no interval
Language Portugese and English with German und English Surtitles

Translations by Henning Bochert / Bochert Translations