Save the date! Next edition of Festival Theaterformen takes place from June 9th to 19th, 2016 in Braunschweig.

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Festival Finale

Festival Theaterformen celebrated its 25th anniversary in July. A total of 130 events were held during the eleven-day anniversary edition programme that ends today. It was the first Festival under the artistic directorship of Martine Dennewald.

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25 years Theaterformen

Today is the day: We start into the Festival 2015, celebrating our 25th anniversary. With a programme of 130 events, the Festival Theaterformen presents theatre from all over the world including eight German premieres. In addition, it will include fringe events with talks and live-concerts. With just a week to go over half of the tickets have been sold

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Festival Opening with a birthday cake

A Chilean president coaching in Hanover’s Schauspielhaus, two open air concerts with free admission, and a birthday cake – that’s the evening programme of the Theaterformen opening on 2 July.

Theaterformen2015 Eroeffnungsabend Ankuendigung

Festival tracks through the Theaterformen programme

On the occasion of the Festival’s 25th anniversary, the Theaterformen programme offers about 130 events. With our Festival Tracks, we have assembled nine route recommendations to offer a jump start for the selection of the right pieces.

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Dear Audience!

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary, we have invited theatre productions from all over the world, current pieces by old acquaintances, and since it is the first year of a new director, you can expect to discover many new things.

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