A photo of the installation Beneath the Mud of the Ground I: It shows a wooden construction with transparent red fabric hanging from the top. In the middle are trees and bushes. The construction is surrounded by trees.

Beneath the Mud of the Ground I

Gustavo Caboco Wapichana

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Parks are fictions of the forest. Here, in the middle of urban space, a "connection" with what we call “natural” is simulated. But what sounds does the earth produce beneath the mud? Which territories and memories are present here? Memories of displacement, the voice of the river? Beneath the Mud of the Ground I raises the question: if this is fiction, what does the earth do in this simulacrum?

Gustavo Caboco Wapichana, from the Wapichana peoples, works in the fields of visual arts, literature and cinema. His production unfolds in multiple languages, such as drawing, painting, textiles, installation, performance, photography, video, sound and text, constituting devices for reflection on the displacement of Indigenous bodies, the processes of (re)territorialisation and the production of memory. Among his most important exhibitions, he took part in the 34th São Paulo Biennial in 2021. In 2024, he co-curated the Hãhãwpuá Pavilion at the Venice Biennale with Arissana Pataxó and Denilson Baniwa.

Production credits

Drawing Gustavo Caboco Wapichana Photos China Hopson