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Festival Theaterformen

Since 1990 Festival Theaterformen has presented a variety of contemporary theatre productions in the German cities of Braunschweig and Hanover: everything from huge spectacles to intimate chamber plays, classical drama, documentary theatre, site-specific performances and multimedia installations. Over the years the festival has continually reinvented, reoriented and repositioned itself, and theatre productions from outside of Europe make up a considerable part of the programme. More than half of the 345 productions presented at the festival – up until and including 2019 – were world premieres, German-language debuts, German premieres or European premieres. Many projects are commissioned specially for Festival Theaterformen, or made possible through co-productions.


In 2019 the 20th edition of Festival Theaterformen took place in Hanover. On the occasion of its 16th edition in 2015, Theaterformen celebrated its 25th anniversary. Hanover and Braunschweig have held the festival alternately since 2007 - in Braunschweig in the even-numbered years, in Hanover in the odd-numbered ones. You will find the overview texts of the respective editions and links to the websites of former editions in the archives. We have also provided access to information about "Presence of the Colonial Past" from 2010 and "Shared Spaces" from 2013 as downloads. The publications available document the fringe events of both focal points, formulate intentions and goals, and sketch co-productions.