The End

Festival Theaterformen ended yesterday, and we can draw a positive balance with an occupancy rate of 96 percent for the theater performances. Eleven plays, seven of which were premieres, were on the theater program. The Stadtlabor, which was set up for eleven days on the Raschplatzhochstraße, attracted particular attention: under the motto of climate justice, the Stadtlabor hosted more than 30 initiatives and works by artists with disabilities and indigenous artists. With more than 80 events - including dance workshops, lectures, performances and DJ sets - and over 8400 visitors who gathered on the Hochstraße over eleven festival days while observing the hygiene rules, we also draw a positive conclusion for this extraordinary festival location in the city.

About her first festival edition artistic director Anna Mülter says: "This edition of Theaterformen has shown what power imagination and creativity can unleash not only on stage, but also in the urban space. Eleven international artists inspired, irritated and captivated the audience with their extraordinary pieces. The Stadtlabor ignited a discussion about climate justice and the social role of art not only on the Raschplatzhochstraße, but throughout the city. We were met with great curiosity and openness, even from people I otherwise rarely see at the theater. A big compliment to the city and its citizens for being enthusiastic about this experiment and filling it with life. This interruption of everyday life and urban space by the visionary architectural sculpture will have long-term effects. Hannover has shown that extraordinary things are possible here, and I look forward to continuing to shape the future of this city together."