Now online: Documentation of the Urban Laboratory 2021

We are in this together but we are not the same: The long-awaited video documentation of our urban laboratory, which we set up for the Festival Theaterformen 2021 on the Raschplatzhochstraße in Hanover, is finally online. From 8 to 18 July, the urban laboratory hosted over 30 Hanoverian initiatives and works by artists with disabilities and indigenous artists, motto: climate justice. More than 80 events - including dance workshops, lectures, performances and DJ sets - brought together a total of over 8,400 visitors to the closed high bridge. Martin Mannweiler's documentation now provides a visual look back at the past summer in Hanover.

The architectural and artistic intervention was realised by the Hanoverian city-makers' collective endboss. The mirrored superstructure not only attracted many glances, but also created a symbolic image and a break in the bridge at Raschplatz with the surface reflecting the sky, trees and surroundings.

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